Trimark Facility Services | About Trimark
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About Trimark

About Us

Trimark Facility Services is an 8a certified general contractor providing facility solutions in the government marketplace.  As a building leader in the Delaware Valley, we’ve made our name through comprehensive management controls, highly competitive pricing, and our bottom line commitment to quality.  Our highest priority is our customer’s interest.  Every project is managed to the highest expectation level, controlling costs, ensuring quality, and meeting project deadlines.

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Technical Expertise and Experience

Trimark is complete facility firm with qualified subcontractors to augment our in-house capabilities, enabling us to meet all contract requirements.

Resources to Succeed

Trimark has a bonding capacity of $5,000,000 single limit and $25,000,000 aggregate.

Proven Management Systems

Trimark uses a fully integrated accounting and management system that controls our projects simultaneously and seamlessly.